SheIn Clothing Haul in Japan


I kinda overdid the online shopping. LOL.

I took advantage of my vacation in Japan to order dresses in SheIn website and send it to my aunt’s home address in Japan because… no tax to pay. Sigh. I wish I can have it here in the Philippines too.  Plus the postal office is right across the house. Like literally 10 steps away.

Most of the dresses there are for friends who trusted me to get their orders for them. I am really happy that they like the dresses especially my colleagues at the office.

So far, this is the best one I like:

Green V back bodycon

I am totally a fan of body-con because I am a curvy girl. I bought this one for my colleague Kris and she totally loved it.

She agreed to have her picture taken 🙂
our favorite photo area
sexy back shot.. look at that shoes ❤

Aside from the fact that it was totally cheap, the material is very nice. Very good quality for a good price. If they release this in a different color, I might get one too.

So far SheIn has never failed me. I hope they can restock my favorite pieces because my friends love the dresses!

Smiles for cheap shopping 🙂



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