Color Block Crochet bikini from Shein

If you read my previous post, you probably know how lucky I was to have free weeks of WiFi usage courtesy of Japan-Wireless. My luck did not end there <3. I received an email from SheIn that I was chosen to be given a pair of bikini and sunglass. I was giggling when I read the email. I just need to choose from their available items and they will send it to me for free. God is amazing in every way!

I chose the most expensive one (:P). Well they gave me the freedom to select one so why not get the most expensive? The one that you will not buy with your own money. LOL.


This is the bikini that I chose. The material is neoprene. Based on the sizes, I ordered the large size. When it arrived, I was so pissed with myself because it was too big for me. I should have stayed with my instinct that I am a medium size. Anyway, since the material is great, I can have it altered so it can fit me. Lesson learned here.

What I like about the item is that it’s reversible! It’s like having two bikinis for free. I don’t think the color yellow suits me but when I wore it, it was great. I tried the other side which is black and it was both awesome.

I apologize for the not so good shot. I will redo it once period is over. I think I was swollen on these pictures. Hormones 😦

Overall I love it if only I did not order a large size Β (totally my fault!). Please wait for the part2 of my review for clearer shots.



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