SheIn Sunglass


Since moving to my new place here in the city, I never had the chance to wear sunglasses anymore. First, I work at night so I don’t need it. Second, when I go home in the morning, I just need to cross the street so no need to bother wearing them.

When SheIn messaged me that I can choose a sunglass from their lines, I fell in love with this baby! I really love how it gives out that cat woman style! I adore cat woman! She’s so sexy and feisty! A villain but a lover. Purrrr. I should be cat woman this halloween! If I got the body😩😩😩.

I may not have that super high bridged nose to be a perfect fit to this sunglass, but I do have the face shape to compensate, I think haha! I will use this on my next beach trip hopefully this November (if I find a seat sale or good deal). I love that this is not heavy. I prefer plastic material because they  are lighter to the nose and face to avoid nose mark which I already have from wearing prescription eyeglasses.

If you love fashion wear and accessories but don’t have the budget, SheIn is definitely a go to shop. They cater almost everything but will not break the bank.

If you want this beautiful sunglass, here is the link for you.


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