Muji Skin Balancing care

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As you already know, I am in love with Japan. Everything about Japan from Food to Culture to their craziness. For 3 consecutive years, I was always excited to check their drugstore make up. First because it’s cheap and second they have wide variety. It’s just this year that my curiosity about their skin care line kicked in. I cannot count how many times I went to onsen and see the Japanese ladies applying creams on their faces. What I also noticed was that they never used cotton. They apply the products directly to their faces. Now that’s new and cheaper way to do it. No cotton means one less item to shop.

So I did a little research about their regime. It’s not new to me that Japanese ladies shave their faces. I notice this with my cousin. Apparently, they want to shave their faces so that the products they use will go directly to the skin. Makes sense, right? Second, it will give them a flawless complexion though they are flawless by nature.

Among all the Japanese brands out there, it’s hard to choose which one suits me. I have a sensitive skin. I am oily too. I am prone to acne as well. I am on my early 30s so I want a good moisturizer too. Preferably the most rehydrating power I can get. You see my dilemma. When we went to Shinjuku, my cousin and I did a little shopping in Muji Store. I saw that they have skin care line. A little but not super expensive. Since we only have a little time, I was not able to check everything they have in the store that’s why when I came back to Philippines, I made sure to visit the Muji Store in Greenbelt. As expected the items here are more expensive than in Japan. Like waaay expensive. Greenbelt is like an hour away from my place and Muji stores are very few so I did not hesitate to purchase the Balancing Toner and Moisturizer set in travel size. Yes ladies, always buy the smallest size so you can check first if the item is fit for you before buying big sizes. If the travel pack did not work, you can re-sell or give it as a gift.

I bought the item at 295php each (approximately $3). I am on my 3rd time using it. I use it after bath and before I put on my make up. So far I am loving it. My pesky pimple calmed down. I used this the way japanese do. I did not use cotton. I applied it directly to my face. I am waiting if I will have a break out or what and good thing even with make up on my face looked fine. Once I finished these two, I might try the one for sensitive skin just to check how they differ. By the way the scent of this line is too good. Very Citrusy but not overpowering plus the packaging is very simple. I am excited to be back in Japan and try their make up too. I can’t really indulge everything here since again, they are expensive in the Philippines. But I am willing to wait. I do love that I found another great product. I usually just stick to Bioré. Now I do have options!

Here’s my shot after using Muji. Sorry it’s a far shot. 😉

Muji line as base for make up
Close up shot
Muji toner and moisturizer in travel size



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