Next Destination: Down Under

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It is official that I won’t go to Japan in 2017. Mainly because my plan was to visit in Autumn of next year which is November. But my cousin will be graduating 4 months after that (March, 2018). It is best to save the money and just go there once her graduation is confirmed.

My second option is to go to Singapore. They said Japan is like Singapore. Efficient train system and very disciplined people and clean country too. I will decide for myself when I get there. Originally, my plan was to go there in March of 2017. Who would have thought my plans will change :D? For the better.

My college classmate who is now an Australian citizen invited me to go there. This classmate was never that “close” to me in college. Yes, we were part of a group but I don’t remember any special school or friendship moments we shared. But when we became friends in Facebook, we got back in touch. He loves Japan as much as I do. He is also studying Japanese. He’s a DJ in Australia. I remember him correcting me he doesn’t play in clubs. It’s a bar. A bar for good music and good crowd. No rowdy crowd getting wasted and picking fights. He’s been asking me when I will go there since I think 2014. It was never my plan to go to any other countries except Japan and Singapore (because I have a place to stay in) but after he told me he would go lesbian for me, haha! why not? A guy willing to go lesbian for me, twice. Alcohol + Guys = honesty

Well he apologized. I was just laughing my butt out. I never really took it seriously but well, why not? He’s been really nice to me. Checking me when I’m not feeling better. Telling me his day consistently. I really like that he tells me everything, from what he wears to how his day was. What he’s eating and what he’s watching. He’s doing it voluntarily. I never asked him to do it but it’s just normal to him. Sometimes he even sends me screen shot of his bus schedule. Crazy but cute. I like it. Slowly I started doing the same thing. I think there’s nothing wrong if I do it too. So now we send each other pictures of our lunch, or snacks or place we go to if we are out with friends. On weekends, we talk about animes, Japan, music and everything under the sun. When I was in Japan, we had more time talking. I was only working 4 hours everyday so I was able to sleep early and wake up early just in time for his lunch. I am really enjoying his company even if we are 8 hours plane ride away. ;D

I told him about the “No Japan” 2017 and I might go to Australia instead. He said I should because it’s not that far. So there. Next destination: Down Under

Australia is an expensive place to go to. Compared to Japan, I might have to shell out more for the plane ticket. Since it will be a long 8 hour ride, I might have to pay for the seat selection. I prefer seats near the toilet. I don’t like long walks in the aisle because I have big hips. Chances of me bumping to other people’s elbow are high haha! I will not stay on his place. I don’t like invading someone else’s place unless you’re my close relative or BFF. In our case, last I’ve seen him was in college and that’s like 12 years ago. (OMG! I am old 😦 ) So I will pay for hotel stay. Hopefully I will find cheap tickets to Sydney this September or October so I can book the hotels earlier too. It will save me money. I just need to finalize how many days I can stay. I think it will depend on the money I can save LOL. I am planning to stay there for a week. If the budget permits. Main reason why I am doing all I can to sell dresses and save all the money for that trip. I am really praying that the universe will align and be in favor of me that:

– I will find cheap airline tickets to Sydney
– My visa application will be approved (another thing to spend to)
– I will find a good budget hotel in the city
– Pocket money
– Safe travel back and forth
– Happy ending <<< his words lol!

Wish me luck please? Can’t be more excited to travel alone again and to see someone I haven’t seen in ages.


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