Black Crochet Hollow Out Zipper Back Bodycon Dress

My LBD 🙂

So here’s my final look last Friday during the celebration of our department’s 10th year anniversary. I really love the classic look it gave me. I even got complimented all throughout the party because of the dress. Let’s just say it’s not your typical little black dress. It’s more than that!

Who would have guessed that our age is 10 years apart? 

Yes you read it right. Young Cay here is in her early 20s while I am moving away from the early 30s stage haha! The dress is awesomely comfortable. At first, I thought of wearing a tube inside. Good thing I stick to my first instinct to just wear a plain black bra and it worked. People just saw the right amount of skin and sexy haha! Besides it’s a company event.

With my loving team

Do you like this dress? Here’s the link for you. Get 40% off if you register on their website.


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