Liese hair color 

One of my favorite purchase in Japan is the Liese hair color. This one is same as the Etude bubble color. They are both no drip. However when I used Liese, this one has a slight sting. Better use a mask too because of it’s strong smell. Liese is around 300php/400yen in Japan. That’s why I don’t buy them in the Philippines. Always twice the price. Too expensive 😹😹😹. 

I was really not in the mood yet to use it. As you all know, I just had a brazilian blowout before I went to Japan. According to some reviews, color won’t stick unless months have passed. Anyway, I still did it because I need to reduce the weight of my luggages. Yes always my problem.

According to my half baked Japanese, the color I chose is Jewel Peach. As you can see, it really colored my hair. Even more noticeable now after a month since I colored my hair. However my hair is no longer brazilian blowout flat. But what I noticed is the regrowth is straighter. Nice! 

recent photo with blow dried hair




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