Australian Visa Application Submitted

I have been very busy juggling family, work and my little business for the past two weeks of my life. My grandmother just had a surgery and is now on her way to recovery. My aunt and cousin from Japan went home so we can take care of my grandma who happens to be celebrating her birthday too before her surgery. You can only imagine pre-birthday celebration, post surgery activities and post birthday and recovery party. On top of that I need to work at nights and managed some orders left and right. Damn tiring but worth it!

So my regular “normal” was only back last Sunday. I was feeling feverish maybe because I am not sleeping very well. Right after I was back on my place, I decided to do a juice cleanse by Detoxify Bar and also sort the things I needed in my application for Australian Visa.

Before my schedule got busy, I kinda prepared everything except for bank certificates, statements and picture that I will need to attach to my application. I was also having second thoughts if I would apply online or in person, just in case you are wondering, the first one won. I cannot imagine braving the traffic to Makati after my very busy schedule. Since I work in a company, here are the things I prepared:

  1. Certificate of Employment
  2. Payslips
  3. ITR
  4. Scan of used Old Passport
  5. Scan of new Passport
  6. SSS/TIN IDs
  7. Bank certificate – I had two
  8. Bank statement – unfortunately the site won’t let me upload this file
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Life plan
  11. Burial plan – yes, because I don’t have any car or purchased properties so might as well use my life plans as proof that I have something else aside from my bank statement
  12. Leave approval
  13. Airline tickets – not required but since I have it, I included it
  14. Hotel reservation – I immediately booked one, though can be cancelled without charge, I’d rather have one while my travel date is still far
  15. Credit Card statement – to show I have additional funds
  16. Photo – of course

I did not tell my friend I already lodged in my application. I don’t want to disappoint him if the situation didn’t favor me. But I am really hoping that I can get even a single entry visa. I freakin paid $136 AUD for the application and it’s expensive compared to Japan Visa. I decided to apply ahead of time so I can reapply if ever…you know… I don’t want to think about it. I will pray really hard that I will get a positive feedback. Please Lord?

Hoping for a miracle right now. 😀 😀 😀


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