Detox cleanse

Yes I tried the detox cleanse for two days and it was a mix of light headedness and happy 😊. 

I have never tried cleansing before. I decided to do one right after my aunt went back to Japan. It was perfect timing because no one will ask me to dine out again haha! I was very happy that Detoxify Bar does delivery for a certain fee. Our house is in the upper north and their location is down south. They made the delivery Saturday night for Sunday cleanse. 

Sunday morning my grandma cooked squid in coconut milk. Damn. I need to do an excuse because I already started my first bottle. It was painful to say no but you gotta do what your body needs and right that moment it was not food. I was totally bloated that I cannot fit in my shorts. I was in Japan for a month but I was able to wear it without problems. 

This was the shorts and this was taken in some toilet in Japan

I was not feeling well that Sunday so I just slept the whole day. Food did not come into mind. 

My two favorites from their juice line:

Second day was hard. I need to do some errands and I was already feeling light headed. I went to the bank as quickly as possible and bought a banana. I ate a banana just so I can drink my medicine for fever. The neighbors cooking their lunch did not help too. In the whole duration of my 48 hour cleanse, I was supposed to finish 10 bottles, 2 laxative teas and 2 regular teas. I only drank 8 bottles and took 1 laxative tea. I was feeling full that I no longer feel hungry. I drank my 9th and 10th bottle on the third day. 

Overall, I would say I love it. I may have to do this quarterly now. Once in a while my internals need a break from all the greasy and unhealthy food that I eat. I would not recommend exercising while on a juice cleanse though. It maybe hard. As much as possible just stay at home and sleep. I can now fit on my shorts again. Amazing right? I wonder if I can survive a 3 day cleanse. Maybe after the holidays? πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ



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