Australian Visa – Approved!


I never expected I will get a response in 3 days :D! I am so happy that I can finally breathe well! I was giving it 10 calendar days because my co-manager recently went to Australia and she said she got her visa after 10 days from the time that she submitted her application. She declared she will be visiting a friend in Melbourne and will be staying there for the whole two weeks of her stay. She did not include her airline ticket while I included everything in my application. Even hotel reservation. I think what is the most important is to prove your ties to your own country. That you will not overstay and you have something or someone to go back to. Since I don’t have any tangible things tagged on my name, I showed them I have a good work here and a good savings and I think the Insurances I got also helped a lot. I may not have cars or house but insurance for me is a must. So there, I got their approval. Let me just remind you that visa approval doesn’t guarantee entry to the country. You need to pass their immigration. I think they are more cautious for early 30’s single female travelers. They might think you will find your prince charming in their country. Just my thought though. Same thought I had with Japan when I applied for my first visa there. I’m just so glad I am one step closer in visiting Australia. 😀 😀 😀 (I got in 3 freakin days!)



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