Mermaid blankets, to make your mermaid dream come true 

Last month, as I was browsing the SheIn website, I noticed that they already sell mermaid blankets! Just in time for Christmas! Since I had been reselling their dresses, someone asked me if I can also sell mermaid blankets. I didn’t know that they are becoming a fad now 🏊🏻‍♀️. I showed the designs to one of my colleague and she asked me to buy the above design. When it arrived, the fabric was so soft! And it was long enough that even a six footer guy can fit in! Nevertheless, it temporarily fulfilled the kid inside her.

Indeed a dream come true. She also mentioned that this is great if you don’t want to share your blanket to anyone 😹😹😹.

Yes it look exactly as the picture! Very comfortable and definitely will not break the budget. She also asked me to buy another two blankets for her friends in the US. SheIn ships to US for free as long as you meet a certain amount. Ain’t that cool?

These two were shipped to US. I ordered another two blankets for a colleague and a friend. We both chose the pink blanket. Bright and beautiful 💋.

If you are running out of ideas what to give this Christmas, this is definitely on top of my list. If you want to purchase, just click the link below 😊😊😊. Happy shopping!

Mermaid blankets

Merry Christmas everyone!




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