Little White Dress

Would you believe this is my first white dress as an adult? The really first white dress I had was when I had my first communion. The church requires us to wear white. Anyhoo, I am into white shirts and sleeveless. I really like how clean and comfortable they are. When I was in Japan, I was always in white. It’s clean , neat and sexy. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I will be traveling to Australia next year. According to google the Australia weather in March is hot. Summer days basically with casual rainfalls. This is why I want a white dress as part of my wardrobe there. I don’t think a bodycon will do in a hot weather especially when you’re doing outdoor activities. Also, I don’t want my whole week there to be spent in same outfit like shorts and top. I heard Australia is a good place to dress up so why not take advantage of it?

So I planned to wear clothes that I usually don’t wear in the Philippines. First is the white dress. Of course my go to site is SheIn. Luckily I was able to see a very comfortable white dress. It’s flow-y and the material is breathable. I ordered it with much excitement and I was not disappointed when it arrived. It has three quarter sleeves which is good just in case it really gets hot, it will be enough for sun protection. It has zipper in the chest area, so you can get sexy without going overboard and the length is perfect too. It can be paired with a sneakers or sandals depending on my mood. I bought it for roughly $13. Not bad for the quality. Again SheIn did a great job! Can’t wait to wear it.

Look at the quality of the dress and the stitches. It’s really good.

Matches my hat too!

I don’t have any regrets in clicking that add to cart button haha! I showed this dress to my friend/former classmate and she wants it too. So I guess I will be buying another pair :D.

If you want to have the same dress, just click the link below and I promised it’s the best  decision you will you have as an online shopper 😀 😀 :D.

White Zipper A Line dress




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