Wink’s Revlite treatment

As an Asian girl, I believe I have an “enviable” color. I have that “gold skin” that fairer people wants to achieve. If I go to the beach and stayed under the sun for a couple of hours, I will be more golden or in other terms, “darker”. That color will stay forever haha! Even if I use sunblock with the highest SPF you can imagine 😹.

Now as a Filipina exposed to beauty magazines, televisions, internet and world of reviewing products, I became conscious of my underarm. It’s like you’re asian but people expects you to have white person’s underarm. Pathetic. For me, as long as your underarm is same color with your skin, it’s no problem (and you’re odor free 😂😂😂). Now when I learned waxing, I stopped shaving and plucking. They said it will make your underarm whiter. Well after years of waxing, it finally took toll on my skin. I can feel that I have that “stressed” skin. Though it’s not dark, it’s not healthy looking and I hate that. I am 30ish and that means still more years to come of waxing and I cannot let that happen! Poor underarm. After a month of contemplating, I head out to Wink Laser Studio. They offer great package for underarm laser and revlite treatments. After removing hair from your underarm, revlite is supposed to whiten and remove chicken skin. That’s what I want!

So I had my first session of Laser or they call it Diode pro laser hair removal. After a week, they check my underarm and they said I cannot proceed with Revlite yet because I still have hair. After two weeks, amazingly the hair fell off 😱. When I came back they did the Revlite treatment and they said it will show the results after two weeks again. It is supposed to stimulate collagen. I also got free two sessions of revlite for the face. All in all I spent 20,000php for 10 sessions (combined laser and revlite) that’s roughly $500. I will share photos once I am on my 2nd treatment. Hopefully the result will be worth the price.



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