Valentine Dress

I don’t think I ever experienced having a valentine date at all. Don’t feel sad for me haha! If you live here in the Philippines, it’s a wise decision to not go out on Valentines day. First, traffic is already bad and it will be even worse during this event. Restaurants go fully booked. Everyone is outside and it’s crazy. Second, I had a partner for almost 5 years and we lived in together for 2 years so this type of celebration was really not celebrated. We only celebrate Christmas, New Years and each other’s birthday. No month-sary or anniversary. It was a mutual decision. This February 14 was the second valentine I spent alone and single. Just to be clear I am OKAY with it. But as a woman, I wonder when will be the next time I will have a date on Valentines. It made me wonder what kind of date I will have if ever I will have another someone. Will it be a candle lit dinner? A movie date? Out of the country perhaps? Well I have done a movie date with my exes and out of the country too. So if ever it will happen in the future, I hope it’s candle lit dinner.

Speaking of candle lit dinner, it can be just a formal dinner somewhere with good music. I don’t really want a too formal 8-course meal. What’s important is you’re with the person you want to be with. Even if it’s just at home. Though it’s still far from happening, I kinda checked out some dresses that I will definitely wear if ever I will have a valentine dinner date soon. Lately, I have been obsessing with ruffles and laces. I want big eyeglass. I want my wardrobe to be more 70’s fashion. Wide pants and tucked shirts, totally love it. With that being mentioned, guess what caught my attention in SheIn’s website? I made a Valentine outfit that is a little 70’s fashion inspired.

Let’s talk about them one by one.

  1. Black tie neck embroidered dress – $23


Isn’t she a beauty??? I totally love it! It’s sexy and so old school. Especially with the lace and the neck ribbon. I am dying to buy this! Once I have this, I will show it to you guys. I can’t wait to wear it :D.

2. tBurgundy Vintage Large Brimmed Hat – S8


I chose this color because it compliments the dress. Again I remember watching an old movie with a leading lady wearing a dress and a large brimmed hat. Totally cool to match the two.

3. Black Patent Leather Point Toe Buckled Pumps with Embellished Heel – $31


You need to agree with me that this is so 1970. I love how it’s pointed and glossy and the heels, oh my God! Just perfect for the dress. If I have extra money, I would definitely get this too. But since I am on tight budget, and with my trip coming in a month. I need to pass for now. Wait for me baby!

4.  Red Cute Pu Leather Card Bag – $14


I chose this bag that reminds us of a famous cartoon character because it’s cute and it matches the color of the shoes and hat and it brings out that youth in you. Admit it it’s so cute!

So there you go, total ensemble is only $76. Not bad right? You may click each picture if you want to purchase the items. I hope you like it. You can visit too for your wardrobe needs. Until next time!



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