Almost Summer time in the Philippines

One of the highlight of the year in the Philippines is Summer time. This means no school for kids and less traffic for adults like us. Though I rarely experience traffic now since I moved closer to my work place, some people consider this time as heaven especially on weekday morning travel.

Do you know why we have such huge malls? There’s a freaking mall in every city too. That’s because during summer, people in all ages utilize these malls to cool down. Movie houses and restaurants with WiFi :D. Here, it’s not a must to have an air-conditioning unit in every houses. You can just opt to shower every hour and use the fan. Electric bills can get really high during summer so instead of spending money in electricity bill, just go out and have fun at the mall.

Though not many Filipinos like summer time, I personally prefer it than having rainy days. I don’t like going out when it’s raining. Such a hassle. Also one of my favorite things to do on summer other than go to the crowded beach is to wear cute sexy tops. Really this is the perfect excuse to bare those perfect curves you’ve been working on. So to help you with that decision, here’s one of my favorite purchase for this month.


This is the White Hollow Out crochet top from SheIn. The quality is really good. What they have in the website is exactly the same when I received it. You know some sellers are very tricky with their sample photos. You may thought item is pretty but when you received it, bleh! Another good purchase for $8. You can pair it pants, shorts or skirt. You can never go wrong. If you like it. You can click this link >>> White Hollow Out crochet top

This is the picture in their website.


No difference right? I totally love it. Hope you like it too.




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