Bell Sleeve Dress

Dresses. Can be a long dress, maxi, mini, sleeveless, or long sleeves. But I saw another type of dress that captured my eyes. Another love at first sight moment. I love bodycons as I mentioned in my previous posts. But different kind of bodycon with a bell sleeve is another story. It’s totally sexy!


This is the Burgundy Deep V-neck Bell Sleeve Scallop Dress. Yes that’s a mouthful because the dress deserves it! Saying it’s beautiful is not enough. It’s totally worth it. I bought it for $8. Lucky that I was able to purchase it on sale! Awesome, awesome dress! When I tried it on, I just thought of darn it! I need a date. Like a serious date so I can wear this awesomeness.


Bam! Confidence level up by 100%!!!. Haha! Give me a date will you? Tell me if this is not worth spending for? The stocks are getting low so make sure you grab yours here>>> Burgundy Deep V Neck Bell Sleeve Scallop Dress



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