Polishing my Australia Itinerary

Technically I really don’t have an itinerary. I was forbidden to google or check any blogs available in the internet by Aussie guy. Let’s call my friend Aussie guy. He said it will spoil the fun. He will be in charged of my tour. He will be my tour guide in my whole stay in Sydney for free. Nice.

So since I cannot check anything, I just made sure I will bring all things I need to avoid unnecessary purchases. So here’s my checklist.

  1. One week worth of clothes – dresses, shorts, jeans, jacket, bikini
  2. Underwear and more underwear – must contain a black bra, strapless bra and nippy tape
  3. Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, facial wash and feminine wash
  4. Other toiletries – wet tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, bodywash and cotton balls and pads
  5. Another set of toiletries – toner, moisturizer, lotion and perfume
  6. Pair of slipper and shoes – I don’t usually bring slipper but since we are going to Bondi, I don’t want to buy another pair
  7. Socks, belt and hat
  8. Gift to the tour guide
  9. Wallet with money exclusively for the trip, another one just in case you go overboard
  10. Camera and chargers. Do not forget chargers.

Mostly, my luggage bag will contain toiletries. I am that crazy when it comes to hygiene. I have a sensitive skin so I cannot just use anything in the hotel. It sucks but I’d rather bring them than be rushed to the derma. It will spoil the fun. Now I am not sure if I should go with a medium luggage or the large one. Decisions, decisions.

How about you? What is your travel must have? I am praying that there will be no flight changes once I purchase my seat and baggage. I hate sudden change in flight details. Lord, make this trip as smooth as possible, please???



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