Me and my love of hats

Eversince I came back from my Trip from Japan, I kinda didn’t stop from buying hats.

I was not a collector of caps or hats until I went to Japan last August. I don’t know about you but they give the outfit a little spunk. I usually buy bullcap or regular running cap to hide my face from the sun and some familiar faces when I go to the grocery. However, when I returned here in the Philippines, going outside felt incomplete when I go outside. Last month, SheIn gave me a $10 discount coupon because I kinda bought a lot from them so it’s another way of them saying thank you to loyal customers.

I ordered a mermaid blanket and a hat! Yes, kinda obsessed with wide brim hat right now.

I bought this hat for my Australia Trip this month. I hope the weather will be in our favor so I can enjoy the beach. No bluebottles please?

The hat costs $14. Not bad! The hat may look big but it’s actually easy to carry and it’s foldable. Won’t even wrinkle! Now I am happy that my outfit is complete. Can’t wait to go on vacation! 💋

Here’s the link to the item>>> Khaki Faux Leather Braided Fedora hat




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