One Week

It’s amazing how in just one week, your life became a roller coaster of different emotions that even if you have the option to stop, you just wouldn’t do it because you like the rush it brings and that feeling of uncertainty is so unfamiliar that you are willing to give up the wall you built so high just to feel it. 

At last, I had a hand to hold. The feeling that I craved for so long. Someone’s hand on mine.

Thank you for giving smile back to my face. Giving me back my hope to love and be loved. Though I know we have that chemistry, geographically it’s impossible. I don’t regret anything that happened in that one week. Everything were special to me. If only I can announce to the world how happy I was, I would definitely do it. But just like any start, there should be an end. I know my trip will be the make or break of our connection, and unfortunately for me it is the latter. Do not worry Aussie guy, you’re always here in my ❤️ together with the memories we made. If in the future you read this, I hope you understand my decision. 

In order to survive, I first need to protect my heart from future pain. I wish you well Aussie guy. I loved you. 



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