Dear Aussie Guy, do you remember our love for ramen?

Do you remember our love for ramen? We were both so excited about my trip because you will bring me to the best ramen ya’s in Sydney. I was so happy when we had our first bowl together! And a matcha ice cream for dessert to cap our first night together. It was amazing. 

Now, I am not sure if I want to eat ramen again. I probably won’t until I find someone to share it too again. 

It was indeed a bittersweet trip. I am about to sleep now. It’s been 48 hours since I last replied to you. Can I make it to 72? I know you’re smart and you will get why I am avoiding you now. It’s the last day of work. We both love Fridays. Are you now preparing for Thai Festival this weekend on Sydney? I know you will enjoy the food. Just take it slowly, you don’t want your tummy to hurt again. I miss you a lot. If I can only hug you again, I will do it. Our random kisses in the streets are what I love most. I hope to forget this feeling soon. So hard to bounce back when you almost deeply fall. 



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