Dear Aussie Guy, we can’t last not talking

You sent me a message last night. You asked if I was just busy or do not feel like chit chatting. I told you I was thinking. 

You can’t help it. You need to tell me how you love the chili tuyo I brought you because you miss it! You said you had two rounds of rice bowls because it was that good and you will share it with your mom. I couldn’t help but respond that I will bring you some more. I don’t know why I said that though I am not planning to be back there though my heart tells me otherwise. 

More than a year of talking  everyday, sharing our daily life with each other is already part of our routine. How do we move on from that? We share everything. From food, anime, manga, movies, Japan, sakura , outfit and random wacky faces. How do you leave all those behind and move on? You told me you went back to the last restaurant we had our dinner together. Now, I can relate to you when you talk about these places because we were there once. Is there a way to unattached myself? 



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