Dear Aussie guy, we look good together but…

I felt it. The strong connection. The authentic laughs. The passion for the same things. But why choose to be like this? Is it because I am far? Or is it because I am Filipino. The blood line you despise. Maybe what I felt was different from yours? But your actions speak louder than words. I am confused. 

Since I replied on your message, you did not stop. You told me you love the yema spread I brought you. You even showed me the bottle and it’s halfway gone. You sent me the videos about Philippines having the best beaches in the world. You showed me tachikoma. My favorite in Ghost in the Shell character. You showed me the reviews of Japanese curry. You shared everything to me. Are we only good online? 

You know I never had boyfriend since I graduated college. I don’t know how to read men. I am clueless. I thought if they showed interest and you acknowledged it, that’s it. Did men really change in 12 years? Yes, 12 years ago since I had a boyfriend. If we continue like this, what ending are we making? Is it a good one. Will we stay forever online buddies? Will I pay you a second visit and gamble my chances again? Why are you so complicated? Why am I so complicated? 



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