Dear Aussie guy, my heart is bleeding…

You gave me flowers but made me bleed inside.

I thought I can take it. I can continuously pretend that I was not hurting. i thought I can survive talking to you everyday without expectation. But I was wrong. Every time I see a cryptic message from you it made me sad inside. I know it was your past you’re talking about. I lost even before the game has started. I never had the chance.

Dear Aussie guy, I love you. But I do love myself too. I may miss the feeling being with someone, but I want my love to be given in return too without holding  back to their past and without hesitations. If I can’t have it, why continue?

Thank you for the flowers but this girl needs more than that. I think we were just meant to reconnect. Life reconnected us for a reason. I think mine was to continue believing. To believe in myself that I can still love and share it with someone else. My journey is not yet done. Maybe it’s not in Australia. I will find it even if it means conquering different continents.



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