Sydney and it’s uniqueness

Never did I thought that my foot would set on this land. I remember my friend Peej asking me several times when will I go to Australia. We were just former classmates then. I would always tell him “maybe soon”. I was scared to actually go there alone. Secondly, I’ve already fallen in love with Japan. It was always my goal to move there so there was really no need to go elsewhere.

Fast forward to now, somewhat my friend and I reconnected and I was finally convinced to give Sydney a try. After several months of waiting for a good priced ticket, I was able to book without hurting the bank. Next challenge was applying for a visa. Unlucky for a Philippine passport holder like me, most of the countries I’d like to visit requires visa. Australian visa is way more complicated than Japan. I need to provide all financial documents and proof that I will come back in Manila. Three days after my online submission of visa, I got an email that I was approved. Lucky!

It took 8 hours and 33 minutes. That’s my total travel time from Manila to Sydney. Longest and my most anticipated. When I was done with the Immigration check, I met up with my friend who picked me up in the airport. It was raining but I didn’t mind. I missed the cold weather. I saw too many maple leaves on the ground. It was actually my first time to see them so it was pretty cool.

I saw the magical Cathedral. The weird artsy stuff everywhere.But it was not all about beauty. There are homeless people everywhere. The trash. The expensive water in convenience store. But it doesn’t matter. These things made Sydney unique and beautiful.


After my one week trip, maybe it will take some time for me to go back. After all Sydney is an expensive country to visit. But who knows? Maybe in 2-4 years time I will be back.


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