UnionBank Get Go Credit Card Review

I am here to share to you the horrible experience I had with UnionBank. This is to basically warn everyone how they do this twisting just to trick their customers. 

Last year, November of 2016, I received my credit card from them. I applied online because they are partnered with Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific is a budget airline company based from the Philippines which I normally use for travel. In December of 2016, UnionBank had a promotion. It was the World Travel Luggage bag promotion for new card users/customers. You need to meet the 3 criteria before qualifying. 

1. New card

2. Register (duration of promo was December 9, 2016 to February 28, 2017)

3. Spend 30k one time or accumulated

So, as a new member. I think I was qualified. I registered online. I received a successful registration in my email. I used this card to book my hotel in Sydney which was roughly 33,000php. So voila! I just  need to wait until April so I can get my new luggage bag. 

But lo and behold, when I made a follow up through their twitter account, they said I was not qualified. They insisted that promotion is only for those cards received from December 9 to February 28. 2017. I told them I received a confirmation email. It also stated that I can no longer apply for other promotions since my registration was successful. I wouldn’t let this scam just pass. 

I went to UnionBank in Eastwood. I talked to the Customer Affair Officer named Cris. She was very accomodating. After stating my problem, she asked me to write a letter and submit proof of registration and a screen shot from their website about the promotion. She also agreed that it is not clearly stated in their website that promotion is for cards received on indicated promo period. 

So after several follow ups, I was able to talk to the PR Manager. I talked to her over the phone but this manager kept on interrupting me. I was about to shout on her on the phone because she’s rude. I even asked her, ” who’s complaining here? you or me? you won’t let me talk “. I handed the phone over back to Cris because I was too close in hanging up. 

Since my concern is not being addressed properly, I emailed Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas about the issue. Surprisingly they responded and after a couple of days someone called me from UnionBank. Explained to me what happened and she acknowledged that they still have rooms to improve regarding their tool and to compensate for all the hassles they caused me, they will send me a travel voucher (which I haven’t received). She also mentioned that they will send an answer via mail to the BSP complaint I filed. The girl promised to call me back but it’s been a week again and I did not receive any call. I am no longer expecting anything from them but I want to warn everyone about these scams they have. If I didn’t file a complaint in BSP, I don’t think they will address this properly. 

As of today, since I  cannot get hold off anyone from their contact center, I called the line for Platinum user and asked them to cancel my card. Yes,  I don’t care if I lose one credit card. They are inefficient so why keep them? I won’t let them scam me more. I will just stay with my ever reliable Citibank. 



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