Back to Yoga

I have not been posting anything about yoga lately because I was so busy at work and I can no longer give the same commitment I had before. 

However, after slacking for a couple of weeks, I had this pain on my shoulder blade that won’t go away. I tried going to the spa for massage but the effect only lasted for a day. The pain was back again. Though it’s not a very painful type of pain, it is still annoying. I cannot sleep on my  back because of it. As a second remedy, I tried putting menthol patches like Salonpas.  Yes it worked but then again it’s back after a couple of days. Last resort was to take a painkiller. I hated this option because I don’t like taking medicines. If the pain can  be resolved on a traditional method, I will prefer that anytime. 

After 3 failures, I simply went back to yoga. This time, I focused on back bends which was my weakest point because of scoliosis. I also have this Carpal tunnel syndrome so whenever my hand hurts, sometimes it will extend up to my back. I wanted to do this pose a long time ago but I was so scared. I feel like my body was not ready. Yesterday, after my stretch I tried doing it slowly. My mat was a struggle because it was soaked in my sweat. I tried putting a blanket but no help, I was still sliding. To finally have a good grip, I used my nike wrap shoes that I usually wear for pilates and voila! I was able to have a good foot grip. Mind you after doing this two times, my back pain is gone. I hope it won’t come back but just in case it did, now I know how to deal with it. Yoga is my medicine. Yoga is life. 

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