Lactezin Anti Acne Pill – Honest and not paid review

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All throughout my younger years I was always on a battle with oily skin and pimples. I did try everything. From going to the derma consistently and buying expensive products. For a short period, they would seem to work. My face became clear and I thought finally, the fight is over. Until this year, when my work schedule became unpredictable, my pimples would just pop up especially on my chin. I even tried taking birth control pills to manage my hormone but I think it stopped working after a year of taking it.

When I went to the derma last week, my dermatologist suggested to maybe start curing the cause internally. She said it’s time to start taking anti-acne pills. I don’t like taking medicines but what the hell I no longer have any options and pimple injections is getting very painful already plus going back and forth to the derma is damaging to the wallet 🤣. So yes, the suggested pill is Lactezin. According to Unilab website, it is safe and natural. I read reviews about it and the reviews are great. I even read that it worked for this girl overnight. Price is reasonable. 20php for a tablet is not bad but you need to take 2 tablets everyday. So without battling an eyelash, I bought 8 pieces. If allergies occurred, I’m gonna stop it. I am now on my 3rd day of taking the pill and I can say that yes, I think it’s working. I want to extend taking it until 7 days just to see how clear my face will get. I am still not satisfied with the results because I still have red bumps and my period week is here so I think that’s one of the reason I am having breakouts. I am going to post my before and after pictures soon just to see how my face improved!

How do you handle acne break outs and oily prone skin? Please share some tips!


Update: Sorry for the late update! I tried the pills for two weeks and sadly just when I thought it was working, it did not deliver. My break out back then was too bad that nothing works anymore so I decided to go back to Flawless and purchase their SAS soap and Anti Acne toner. Combined with Althea pills, my face now is clear and people are noticing it. Finally I am out of the pimple misery! Proof below! Sorry, I am about to have my period again in a week that’s why I have tiny pimples again but nothing to worry. ☺️