Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio

One Saturday afternoon, I was so bored with life I just found myself wandering in the lobby of Ace water spa looking for Beast  House studio to practice pole dancing. 

Note: They were closed that day because they had a recital 😭😭😭

So I came back the following Saturday, more determined to practice. With so much luck on my side, it was a one on one class. I was so happy to finally try it! Probably the hardest exercise I had ever practiced. I was able to climb the pole 3 times! I mean I can go higher but my legs were really tired. 

The highest I can go

This was really another milestone for me. I never imagined I will be able to climb this thing. 

After my first session, I was sore all over! I couldn’t even get my arms straight because it was too painful! I had bruises in my legs and even in my arms. They call it pole kisses 💋💋💋. Beast house is far from being a fancy studio but they have all the things you need to learn.  A very motivating teacher, poles and sound blaster 🤣. 

Here’s my leg after the practice. The following day it turned red and then black and blue. I think I will get used to these bruises if I keep practicing. One day, I will have my own pole at home so I can practice everyday. 🙌🏼

I shall return until I master the climbing techniques.