Corset belts and why I like them

This is one of the corset belt I purchased from my favorite store SheIn.

Recently, I am in search of something that will make my bodycon dresses stand out again. Most of the time, my dresses are underneath my jackets because office AC is too freaking cold to handle.

Upon seeing these new accessories in their website, I did not think twice in buying them. They are perfect in highlighting my curves and accentuating the waist! I chose the color black so I can use it in all of my dresses but they do have several designs to choose from. I think I want to try the denim corset belt too! I might bid goodbye to my jackets and just use a shawl to flaunt these new corset that I got! ❤️

If you want to check out SheIn’s corset belts, here is the link >>> Corset belts

I bought mine for $13. They are offering free shipping with NO MINIMUM TODAY ONLY. Check them out!


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