Kita Senju, Tokyo Japan 2017

Last week, I had a quick trip to Japan for work. It was an unexpected travel but nevertheless one of my most memorable Japan trip. 
No one knew I will be going to Japan. I never told anyone since I cannot go on leave nor I don’t want to hassle my family in Japan about the job interview I had there. I stayed with 大己ーくん in 北千住. He was so generous to offer his house to me including wifi. 

On my first night, he brought me to Karaoke bar. Japanese invented karaoke, but Filipinos made it popular. Hindi ako papatalo! It was so nice to meet this guy and hug and kiss him in person. 

In exchange of letting me stay in his house, I cooked breakfast and dinner for him. Yes, I have been making japanese food lately and it’s because of him. Next month, I will be back there and this time it’s for pleasure. I am still hoping for a good outcome of the interview but let’s see. Japan, see you next month. Take good care of 大己. 


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