Battling with pimples update!

I haven’t received my Evanesce pimple cream yet as of today. Since I need help asap, I went back to my old friend and finally my face has cleared. 

I was a fan of this product long time ago. I stopped using it when I thought that it was time to change coz the product was no longer working for me (plus it’s a little expensive). 

So since I need a miracle to clear the pimples on my chin, I resorted to buying the The Body Shop Tea Tree oil again. After two nights of using it paired with the Flawless soap and tea tree toner, my pimples have vanished. The marks are still there, but no more red bumps. 

I still need to work on my blemishes but I can live with that as long as the pesky pimples are gone. Now, I only need a light powder and I’m all set. I can even go out  on bare face. I am just happy that it finally cleared up. Once my Evanesce cream arrived, I will see if it will make my skin even better.

If you have skin emergency, don’t hesitate to try The Body Shop Tea Tree oil. It’s worth it. 


Easy to find TBS shops

Works as promised

Relaxing scent


Pricey since 10ml bottle can cost you 500php, but it’s your face. Don’t think twice to spend for your skin care. 

I hope they will change the cap to drops. Sometimes more oil will come out because of the weird cap. 

I think that’s the only things I dislike about it. Overall it’s good. If only they are not that expensive, I will buy the complete line! Or at least they should put them on sale! Haha! 



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