Evanesce New York – Not paid review

After two months of waiting, I finally got my order. This product is from Singapore and I thought it will be delivered directly to my home address but it turned out that I had to pick it up from postal office and pay the postal fee of 112php. 

Tonight will be the first night that I will be using this item. My work stress is so high that I, again had to battle 3 pesky pimples. 2 on my chin and 1 on my cheek. Ugh! As the label says, it’s for night use only so I had to stop my other cream and replace with this one. Hopefully my swollen pimples will subside tomorrow. 

Let’s move to the Pro’s and Con’s. 


Non – greasy

Good scent

A little metholated effect

Great packaging 


Availability is limited

Extra fee for shipping

I can’t decide yet the effectiveness of the product since it’s my first time using it. I will update this post as soon as I see noticeable effect. 

Stay tuned! 



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