Passing JLPT

It’s been a while again since I posted something on my blog. I am planning to have my own domain so I can enhance my site more to make it look more “anj-ish”.

Latest update of my life is that finally, I passed my JLPT! Yay!!! Although it’s N5, I know in my heart that I deserve it after three months of rigorous study and review. As I mentioned before, I quit my job after all of the craziness that happened. I focused my energy in studying more. Studying another language is no joke. It requires patience and dedication and of course lots of money. In Philippines, it’s hard to find the books I need coz mostly they are not available locally so I need to buy them online and shipping fee is crazy. So there, though my scores are not so high, they are enough to pass the level 5 of JLPT. Now my goal is to take Level 3 but I need to make sure I am ready for 4 before moving my studies to N3.

I am currently reviewing for my Japanese Language NAT Test. It is like a preparation for JLPT. If I pass the level 4, I will push through with my plan to take JLPT N3 on December. I know I have a lot more to learn but I am not stopping. Hopefully, the Kanji Gods will bless me again.

Until my next post.