COE to Japan

Hi There! How are you?

Apologies for the long hiatus as I was really busy with life in general. I am now planning to move this account to a website domain. I need to revamp and revive this. I need my old blogger ass to be back.

Just to let you know, after so many failed school application to several Japanese language school in Japan, I finally got my COE. COE stands for Certificate of Eligibility to live, study and work in Japan.

I almost cried. I prayed for this. To quote my agent “this thing will change your life“. Indeed.

My faith was tested big time. But I know myself. My faith in HIM is more than anything else. I understand now why he didn’t give it to me last April. I met more friends whom I really adore. New boss and colleagues that opened my network not just in Philippines and Japan but to the world.  My last experience as a corporate employee was not really that great. This new “position” made me change my perspective in company and work itself. There are companies who will value your worth as a person and employee. My manager is located in Prague. I met him twice. He’s one of the best manager I had I can say that. Experience and people management wise, he’s the best.

Now I am on the last step of completing my Visa. I just need to exchange my COE to the Embassy and I am all set. Happy and Sad that I may potentially leave a very good company and colleagues but nevertheless, it is an awesome experience.

I will post my School journey soon so please stay tunes. I will also update my Cebu Trip. My phone is out of memory and I cannot download anymore apps that’s why I cannot update this site often. Please do understand.


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