How I Failed and Passed my JLPT?


I think it’s been 4 years since I started learning Japanese. My first attempt in JLPT was a major fail. I thought reviewing only on weekends was okay. I thought learning the basic kanji is enough to make me pass.

I was wrong. It was hard. Especially the listening part. I barely understood how they converse. After the result, it made me more determined to take the test again and pass the N5 no matter what. I bought books for review. I stopped relying on online resources alone. I started focusing on my Kanji and grammar. I tried speaking Japanese with my relatives and friends. I watched Japanese movies and anime so I can get used to on how fast they talk.

Last December 2017, I came back to take the JLPT and this time, I was more prepared. When I got the result in February, I was very happy. I didn’t have the best score. It’s just enough to make me pass. All those reviews I did every single day paid off. All those time I skipped my afternoon naps to review was worth it. Especially when I got my certificate. It was the most beautiful and the hardest one to get.

Now I am reviewing for my N3 exam this December. I am not sure if skipping N4 is a great idea but we will know after the exam. I have more or less 2 months more to review so I am giving it my all. Hopefully the stars will be in favour of me again.



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