Crimson Resort & Spa, Island Hopping Tour


First Activity we chose that the resort offered is the Island Hopping. I am not sure how much my aunt paid per head but as far as I remember it was more or less 1,500php with refreshments included. A little pricey but that’s what you get if you are staying in expensive resort.

I am not really confident with my swimming abilities. I need to feel the floor tiles of the pool before I swim. In short, being in a bottom of the sea is not really my cup of tea. I always tell my friends when I do head stand or handstand in yoga that I have trust issues so I need to do it near a wall. I never outgrew this fear.

My aunt pushed me to try going in the sea since it was expensive and second, we have life vest. Though she herself wouldn’t do it coz she’s scared as f*ck. Well, I tried it. My life guard said he will not let go of my hand. I don’t know how to use the snorkels so I kept on drinking salty water. He said I can remove it, so I did. It was better. But I cannot balance plus the waves are getting bigger. I thought for a moment that I will die because the “life guard” was so busy swimming and snorkeling.

I think he felt my little struggle there so he let me up. Good decision. I am very much okay staying in the pool than being in the middle of the sea. Though it did not end up really nice, I gave myself a pat in the back for being so tough there. I will practice using the vest next time so I know how to move with it. I think that’s the key on manoeuvring in the middle of the sea. Wish me luck in my next floating experience.



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