10 Things I miss in the Philippines

It’s been a while since I’ve been here in Japan and I’ve been asking myself what do I miss in the Philippines aside from my family? It took me a while to figure it out because if you read my blog, I am like the girl who’s in love with Japan and yes until now, I am still fascinated with Japan but not every bit of it. I love the orderliness and cleanliness of the place but I feel like everybody is scared to be their own self. No individuality. They fear that they will be ridiculed and avoided if they do some crazy shit like dressing up differently. When I mean differently, not Harajuku different. More like, you can only wear black and white when you go to the interview and no hair color and less make up coz that’s the norm, type. I love wearing lipstick. Matte type from nude to red but now, I need to hold back because this is a lip gloss wearing country. 

So much about my rants but let’s talk about my beloved Philippines.

  1. Jollibee. – My comfort food or my go to food when I am craving and I have no money. Too bad still no branch in Japan.
  2. Milktea – I am very particular with milktea flavours and so far I only like Serenitea Okinawa with more ice. We have Gong Cha here but the line is crazy. Maybe I will try it when it’s less crowded.
  3. Toothbrush – Yes, you read it right. I miss toothbrush from Philippines because the ones we have here is so small. Like, serious for kids only type. Check it out when you go to Japan.
  4. Sisig – I can cook menudo, afritada, sinigang and the likes but not Sisig. Sad life.
  5. Mani and Pedi – It’s very expensive here and I doubt that they have the same service as what we have in the Philippines. Foot scrub with paraffin and massage, heaven! Maybe I can open one here when I get rich. LOL.
  6. Massage – Same as mani and pedi. It’s expensive here so I will stick to traditional pahid and salonpas for now.
  7. Wearing slippers – Well, I cannot go to work or school wearing flip flops so I don’t think I will be needing one anytime soon. Even in summer.
  8. Gym – Gym membership here in Japan is crazy. It’s like you need to pay the membership fee on top of the actual monthly gym/exercise fee. Though some gyms offer no membership fee but the cheapest I saw is 5 yoga classes for 11,000 yen. 😦 I will be stuck in my house for a while.
  9. Cinema – I don’t watch movie that often anymore. Yes it’s kinda expensive but I lost the urge to watch. Maybe because there’s no one to talk to about the movie afterwards.
  10. Showing my tattoo – I have small tattoos that I need to cover so I won’t offend anyone. Can you imagine the pain of getting tattoo, only to hide it? Well, what can I do? I hope in the near future, tattoos will no longer be taboo in Japan.

I think that’s my 10 things I miss most about the Philippines. I will never miss the traffic and the pollution though, LOL.


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