Getting Credit Card for Foreign Students in Japan

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Since I moved to Japan, I already plan of applying a credit card but I am not sure if it’s feasible especially for student like me. I have read several emails about long term residents living in Japan and still haven’t been able to get a credit card. No one knows what’s the reason of getting declined because most of them have full time jobs and been a resident for quite some time.

Based on my review, the best credit card for students is the Rakuten card. They almost approve anyone as long as you have a resident card and Japan address and phone number. So I tried my luck in applying and since the site is in Japanese, I used this site as guide for translation ( You need to link your Japan bank account to the application because unlike Philippine credit cards, Japan credit card will automatically take payment from your account.

So the following day I received a call from a Rakuten Japanese agent who verified my address and personal information. After 2 days, I received my credit card. If you didn’t link your personal account to Rakuten site, they will ask you to do it before delivering the card. It was really surprising coz I never expect I will get approved. I was barely a month in Japan when I tried applying and only have a part time job.

Anyway, maybe I was lucky that I was able to speak some Japanese during verification or maybe they can see my credit history in Philippines that’s why  I get approved but who knows? One thing about the credit card, your name in the card will be the furigana yomikata written in English alphabet. Mine was written as Anjierin and my real name is Angeline. I didn’t bother to change it anymore.

If you’re having a hard time applying a credit card, try Rakuten card. This is not a sponsored post but I am just happy sharing my experience.



I got 2000 points when I got approved that can be used on their website. Not a bad deal.

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