All about corsets


I have been using corset since December (link to the story here). I think it worked for me it’s just that I didn’t buy a good quality waist trainer that’s why it was folding. I bought a 25 boned steel corset. Unluckily, I have a small torso. The regular sized corset hurts my under boob. It was not for long wearing. I was in search for a waist trainer that will fit my short torso but those I can find are the one you cannot wear under regular clothes.

When I was doing my lingerie search in SheIn’s website, I was surprised that corset belt is the new thing in fashion! They go well with top and dress. Again, it didn’t take long before I ordered one for myself. I need to try it. Being a short girl with big hips, corset belt will help me accentuate my waist. The corset belt is not meant to make your waist small unlike the regular corset. But this will help you emphasize your small waist and that big hips. I am hoping to receive my order next week. Have you tried doing the corset thing? I cannot wait to review it! They have different designs and I think I can offer these to friends too. Click the pictures to see the designs and prices. They are NOT expensive I’m telling you.

Eyelet lace up
Metal detail lace up
Contrast Lace up Denim

For more designs, click here.

I will post a separate review once I received my order. Until next post!




SheIn is now expanding with their Lingerie collection!

One of my weakness, aside from cute dress and Cherry blossoms is good lingerie. I cannot my eyes off when I see a cute and very nice lingerie. I am kinda impulsive when it comes to them. Here in Manila, my go to lingerie store is La Senza. When they are on sale, it is really on SALE! They give huge discounts that I cannot resist.

One day, while I was browsing SheIn’s page. I was surprised they have lingerie now. They have babydolls and chemises. Wow! They have expanded. Of course it didn’t take me long to buy these babies from them. By the way, they go on sale as low as $5. Imagine how cheap it is but the quality is very good. Below are the designs I have ordered to them. Some are still on transit. I cannot wait to wear them.



The Black Lace Mesh for only $9


The Halter Lace Panel Back babydoll for only $13


The Black Lace Ruffle Hem baby doll for only $14

Aren’t they all adorable? If you are into lingerie like me but too hesitant to break the bank, here is the best deal for us. They give discount for first time customers so take advantage of it. Click on the picture if you want to see additional designs they have on their site.