School Acceptance and Motivist Japan


I was supposed to study in Tokyo International Language School in Hachioji in April but I was denied to get a COE. The Immigration said that the school is no longer capable in conducting the high level of Japanese study to students. I was really shocked and heartbroken reading the email from the school.

I was so ready to move and start my life in Japan. What can I do when God said not yet. So after the rejection, came the deadline for July study. I was calling different schools and inquiring if they can include me since I have all the documents needed. Some said I am too old. Yes, I experienced discrimination because of age. Some said they only accept college students. One school gave me hope which is the Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin. I called them and was asked to send all school documents and I need to pay 20,000 right away because July deadline is about to end. After sending the payment, I received their rejection in an hour. I was like, goodbye 10,000php.

Ending, I don’t have anything and I am 10,000php poorer. Since our travel to Japan was approaching, I cleared my thoughts and my mind. I told myself I will deal with all these craziness once I am in Japan.

After two weeks of staying in Japan, I googled school agent in Japan. I decided that I will get one to see if they can help me. I emailed Gaijinpot. They entertained my email and I told them what happened with my first school. The advise I got was “Since you will be sponsored by your aunt, it will be impossible for you to reapply because you are not her child.” then I asked, what if I will self-sponsor, their reply “You are not earning enough to be able to self-sponsor. Our suggestion is to keep studying and take the JLPT exam and pass then come to Japan to work.” I told myself, wow turn down after turn down. I was almost on the edge of giving up then I saw Motivist Japan. They have online chat support so I decided to give it a shot which I was pretty sure will be another NO.

I was connected to Abdul. I told him the story and then he said there’s too many factors to consider in reapplying. He wanted me to send all the files to him so he can see and he asked me to add him on Skype. After a day, Abdul called me. He said my document was weak. My documents were not enough to prove that there’s a need for me to study in Japan. He said some school do not accept anyone more than 30 years old. Some can only allow college students as they are more focus on their study. But this was stuck to my head when he said, “We do not leave everything up to God.” Big words right? So it was a deal. He will review my documents and help me make it strong.

He submitted my documents to different language school in Japan and I am always being dropped. They don’t want to risk their reputation because I already got denied in my first application. I was losing hope. Abdul did not. He kept on submitting it. We were on the last 2 schools and then the second to the last dropped me again. He called me and I was not speaking at all. He told me “I don’t want you like that. I don’t want you to be sad. If no school from Tokyo will accept you, we will try other prefecture. It’s just a train away anyway.” His words made me smile. Atleast I know someone hasn’t lose faith in me. So we need to rewrite and resubmit everything to the last school which is the Tokyo Nakano School. They required every document I have to be translated in Japanese. My savings were already depleting but it’s my last chance. Finally it was accepted and submitted. We just need to wait for another 2 months to know the result of the COE.

End of August, 2 days after my birthday I got the news I got approved. I was really happy. It was all because of Abdul. Now I have my COE, I just need to submit it to the Embassy in exchange of visa. I know this is the final step. Hopefully no more rejections. I am praying and hoping that everything will be fine now. I know the first half of my 2018 was a bit chaotic, but as I go along the ending, the Lord is turning the tide. He’s making it a little bit sweeter now.

This post is meant to inspire those who are on the same situation as me. Let’s keep fighting especially for those who care for us. Abdul, if ever you read this, please know I am very thankful to you. Thank you for not giving up even when I was about to give up. I promise to see you soon.


COE to Japan

Hi There! How are you?

Apologies for the long hiatus as I was really busy with life in general. I am now planning to move this account to a website domain. I need to revamp and revive this. I need my old blogger ass to be back.

Just to let you know, after so many failed school application to several Japanese language school in Japan, I finally got my COE. COE stands for Certificate of Eligibility to live, study and work in Japan.

I almost cried. I prayed for this. To quote my agent “this thing will change your life“. Indeed.

My faith was tested big time. But I know myself. My faith in HIM is more than anything else. I understand now why he didn’t give it to me last April. I met more friends whom I really adore. New boss and colleagues that opened my network not just in Philippines and Japan but to the world.  My last experience as a corporate employee was not really that great. This new “position” made me change my perspective in company and work itself. There are companies who will value your worth as a person and employee. My manager is located in Prague. I met him twice. He’s one of the best manager I had I can say that. Experience and people management wise, he’s the best.

Now I am on the last step of completing my Visa. I just need to exchange my COE to the Embassy and I am all set. Happy and Sad that I may potentially leave a very good company and colleagues but nevertheless, it is an awesome experience.

I will post my School journey soon so please stay tunes. I will also update my Cebu Trip. My phone is out of memory and I cannot download anymore apps that’s why I cannot update this site often. Please do understand.