What’s up?

It’s been a very busy five months for me that I almost forgot I have a blog to update. I went from uber busy at work to being jobless real quick! From a part-time entrepreneur to semi full time. From a part-time japanese student to really serious japanese student. All those happened in five months.

Physically and emotionally, I am exhausted. But I am not a quitter so I try to face one battle at a time. This month, I just finishd my JLPT and NAT-TEST for japanese proficiency. I don’t know how I did. I think I just have to wait and see. No matter how prepared I was, it’s still hard.

Yesterday, my aunt told me that my cousin’s graduation in Japan is on March 20th. Since, I am still waiting for my Japan COE and Visa, I emailed the school that I may need to go to Japan using my tourist visa first. They responded to my email right away and told me that it would not be a problem. They also said that I may not have time to come back to Philippines since the school will start April of 2018. I was kinda relief and shocked that this is really it. I am pursuing what I really want in life.

So now I need to sell my stuff and the cash I will collect will go to my school funds. Lord, I am hoping and praying that you will guide me every step of the way. I will do everything I can to go to school and master this language.

I don’t know how to end this but perhaps if you need some inspiration in life, my story kinda did inspire you.

Happy Holidays!




Dear Aussie guy, I can’t sleep because I’m crying 

You and one of Sydney’s weird art.

Ever since I got the tatoo I have been thinking. I don’t know how to approach these emotions. I don’t know how to handle them anymore. Tonight, I made a decision to face it. I cannot continue talking to you and pretend I am not hurting. I hate you for doing this to me. I was okay even if I was just alone. You were the one who started this, remember? I was living my life here in the Philippines and all of a sudden here you are messaging me, reporting your daily activities to me like I was a girlfriend of yours. Why do that when you cannot commit? I don’t like being on a gray area. I left my ex because the relationship was no longer clear and evident. It was all gray. I did not move on from that to be in the same state again. Why? If you like another girl why keep me in the loop? Is it for sex? I live far from you why not get a girl who’s living in the same country as yours? You hate Philippines and I live here. Why make connection from someone here? It saddens me that you take my feelings for granted. I thought you were better than that. I know after all of the good memories, we cannot be friends. I cannot allow you to hurt me again and again. It’s emotional torture and I will not let you or anyone do that to me. I am better than this. I am better than this. 

I am still undecided if I should upload my photos from my Sydney trip. I am not sure if it’s a good idea to include you. Maybe soon or maybe not.