Living in Japan

Photo from Google

It was fun and scary. I’ve been to this country many times and yes I still get scary. Japan is not a scary country despite language barriers. But sometimes, it get’s overwhelming. I had my first job in Yamato and my first interview was scary as shit. It was my first ever Japanese interview and luckily I passed. Though I only worked there for a month, I nevertheless enjoyed and had fun with the people. Funny thing, I was an hour late on my first day. I took the wrong bus and I ended up in Haneda instead of Shin-Tokyo. Imagine, you need to call to tell your supervisor you are late on your first day. Terrifying. Considering I was rarely late in Philippines.

No one spoke english. English was basically useless. I had no choice but to speak broken Japanese to everyone. I was running out of budget and basically I had no choice but to work. It was my first time to work as a non-office employee. Skill based work is tough as F. Imagine working on a very cold warehouse lifting heavy luggages and boxes? I regularly exercise but man it’s still tough. I eventually left after a month coz I am scared that I will get sick and it will cost me more money than I will actually earn.

I never had a chance to say Good bye and Thank you to my senpais there, but if you see this in the future, please know I am really thankful and I will all miss working with you. I miss sorting luggages.


Temple of Leah, Cebu City 2018


The Temple of Leah is under construction, period. I don’t understand why it was even opened to the public. For 50php, you will see nothing.


Just to give you a background, this place is no way related to Roman goddess or greeks. It was a tribute of a guy to her beloved wife. The wife was the grandmother of a famous celebrity in the Philippines. The star of the place is the 24 ft. bronze statue of Leah Albino-Adarna. Unfortunately, you will not enjoy the place yet as they are undergoing renovation. I understand that they do inform their visitors that place is not on it’s best shape upon entering but still, there’s nothing left to do but take a picture with the construction on going on the background.

My suggestion is to skip this place and just come back once they have everything completed. The place is promising but not worth the long travel if you ask me.