Temple of Leah, Cebu City 2018


The Temple of Leah is under construction, period. I don’t understand why it was even opened to the public. For 50php, you will see nothing.


Just to give you a background, this place is no way related to Roman goddess or greeks. It was a tribute of a guy to her beloved wife. The wife was the grandmother of a famous celebrity in the Philippines. The star of the place is the 24 ft. bronze statue of Leah Albino-Adarna. Unfortunately, you will not enjoy the place yet as they are undergoing renovation. I understand that they do inform their visitors that place is not on it’s best shape upon entering but still, there’s nothing left to do but take a picture with the construction on going on the background.

My suggestion is to skip this place and just come back once they have everything completed. The place is promising but not worth the long travel if you ask me.





Sirao Garden, Cebu City 2018 (not a good review)


The only reason we went here is because of my uncle. He loves garden, flowers and everything about nature. This was included in our itinerary because of the reviews online.

As posted in the picture, they claim that they are the “Little Amsterdam” of the Philippines. I doubt that. I have never been to Amsterdam but I have seen the picture and it’s beautiful and Sirao is nowhere near. First let’s talk about the location, the location is pretty far. It was an hour drive from the resort. When we got there, we spent 15 minutes of just navigating from the people walking, street vendors and cars going out of the place. It was a mess. Second, the loos. I think the owner forgot that their garden should also have well maintained toilets. My third and the most important thing I think, is to have at least a well air-conditioned canteen or room or whatever you want to call it room. It was freaking hot. After all the walking and picture taking of the fake tulips and fake windmills, visitors need a place to sit in and relax for a while. The events place  they call with fan and stinky teddy bear is a bleh. If that place is their source of income, they better do something about it because before they know it, it will be too late. I really hope they rethink their marketing strategy and design. Not everyone who will visit can endure walking in 34 degree direct sunlight. I also hope they advertise the need of umbrella and hats and wet towels before going there.

If I were you, save your 25 pesos. Until they renovated the place, you can skip this on your list.