Chinese Garden of friendship, Sydney

Chinese Garden of friendship in Sydney
Whenever I travel, I like to get the best of two things, food and their culture. Australia is a good mix of two. 

When I arrived in Sydney, the weather was not so cooperative. It can go from too hot to rainy/windy. But it didn’t stop me from exploring the area. I particularly like the Chinese Garden. It’s very serene and photogenic. It kinda reminded me of Japan. 

I love seeing the beauty of nature and the hustle of this city. It’s a good place to relax your eyes and your mind after a long walk. You can further explore inside if you are willing to pay a certain amount but aussie guy didn’t want to go inside because all we will see is the same view. 

These beautiful trees are like Wysteria. I love seeing the kois in the pond swimming freely. Maybe I should try giving China a visit so I can explore more of this rich culture. This is definitely one of my favorite spot in Sydney. 


Battling with pimples

I have been going back and forth to the derma to have these pesky pimples on my chin injected with Kanolone. It’s actually pricey and is not solving my problem (besides the fact it’s painful 😿). I am just thankful that the breakouts are limited to my chin and nothing on my cheeks. I read somewhere that if your pimples are on your chin, it’s either stress or hormones. I think it’s both for me. I already tried taking anti-pimple pills and and I don’t think it is that effective to me. I have been taking birth control pills too so I am not sure if it’s countering the effect of Lactezin.

One last resort I have is this new item always advertised on Facebook and Instagram. It’s called Evanesce Acne erasing emulsion. Seriously I am giving it a try now because I want my face to be clear before my next travel and I only have 2 months left.

Photo from Evanesce New York
Its promise is to clear pimples in 7 days. Let’s see how they will do with my skin trouble. My order will be shipped around end of June because they are out of stock right now. The product is on sale for $19 instead of $49. Shipping to Philippines is around 250php which is not bad because item will be coming from Singapore. I really can’t wait to try it!

If you like to try the product too, here’s the link >>> Evanesce New York

Once I have the product, I will post another review.
Here’s my photo before taking Lactezin:

Here’s my photo after 3 weeks of Lactezin taking 2 pills a day. 

I badly need help! 😿😿😿