How is the life in Japan as a student?

Studying in Japan gave me so many lessons in life and I felt even more mature as a person.

First, life is not easy. Yes, I’ve been here so many times. But as the day goes by, the place you once considered beautiful will no longer attract you. I visited Disney Sea again for the second time as part of our filed trip and guess what? I thought the whole trip was boring. I went home around 3PM.

I have never been a store clerk in Philippines but here, I am now on my second job as a store clerk. I am not very good in shouting “irrashaimase” or “arigatou gozaimasu” to customer so I need to put an extra effort to raise my voice.

Japan is a fast paced country and everyone is always tired. You can even feel it inside the train. Part time worker and contractors are paid by the hour so every hour counts. That means working on weekends is normal.

Even if you work 7 days a week, you will feel what you earn is not enough. I pay 40,000 yen monthly for my place and 26,000 yen for my monthly pass. My phone bill is 4,000 yen monthly. This means I need to earn 70,000 monthly to cover for my bills and 20,000 for my food. Working 26 hours a week will give me around 100,000 yen monthly. I only have 10,000 left to pay for other expenses like water or electricity. If I fail to work lets say for just a day, I will be short of money and this is the reality of living here.

I love studying Japanese. Everyday I look forward to learn. However there are days that I feel like I am not improving at all. Maybe I am overthinking or maybe I have high expectation set to myself.

Is it worth it? It’s a solid yes. I met new friends. I gained some and lose some. I now know who will stay with me even if I am on the lowest of the low. I learned to let go of some things I used to have and adjust to what I can afford. I find ways to earn extra income, compare store prices utilise phone apps to get discounts. I am more cautious now on where to spend my money.

Will I still do it over again if I can turn back the time? Absolutely. I know I am on the right track. I just need to maintain my composure and passion. I need to remind myself that this time I am not here to travel but to master the language. If I succeed in doing that, more opportunities will open. May God guide me on the right track.

Unko Books for JLPT Review


One of the books I used in my JLPT review was the Unko Books. Unko means Poop in English. Funny right? But after completing the Unko book 2, I felt the need to continue with the rest of their poop series.

Basically, the unko book is a kanji drill book. All kanji example will be used in relation to poop. It’s easier to understand. It’s hilariously entertaining. This is a good way to start your kanji study. Please note I skipped the Unko book 1 since I have a pretty good review of the kanji included in that book. At the end of each unko book, there’s a summary of all kanjis in one page so you can use it as a guide in case you forgot their reading. Also, the arrangements of the kanji is systematic. Meaning the first one you study will always be in relation to the next kanji so you can easily remember them.

Also if you are going to use this in Japan, make sure not to open it in public as it will be eye-catching for the Japanese :D. I am done with my book 4 and I need the book 5 soon.

Again, this will help you in your kanji study but you will need to use another book for grammar and cd for listening skills.